The Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing

Melting the Manufacturing Glacier Manufacturing is the glacier of industry.  Because production is such a behemoth of material, process, scale, regulation, safety, establishment, and bureaucracy, any changes or innovation in the business of “making things” is slow to come. However, in the last decade, we’ve seen massive shifts in the way this industry does business. […]

What Happens in a CNC Machine Shop?

As the world has shifted over the centuries from agrarian to industrial, the need for quality machines and parts has grown exponentially. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is the method by which computer programming controls the tools necessary to create parts and prototypes. What happens in a CNC machine shop is not only fascinating but vital […]

What is Lean Production and How Does it Minimize Overhead?

In today’s economic climate, organizations have had to do more with less. But how does a person, team, organization or even a manufacturing company do more with less? Is doing more with less even possible? With lean production principles, doing more with less is not just possible; it’s becoming the expectation. Here at United Scientific Inc., we […]